How To Creat a Meeting Room In 1 Day

Hi , I’m back again , what i would like to say about this post , its different than others ,  so as long it has some type of networking and more technical use Engineering is the right place , i Guss !

Any ways , i was setting in my office , my manager requested me for a possibility of making a meeting room in one day :]]] , i said to him it is possible.. Yes it is Possible !! don’t be surprised and its acutely very simple , but it needs more of technical (using your hand lol ).

So i have designed this Infographic Design copyrighted for GO4EXPERT.COM that i made explaining how to use 8 monitor where it’s possible to be extended to 18 or 20 PC monitor or more …. , will in this Inforgraphic design I’m explaining the 8 PC monitor connection to one major laptop using the VGA Cable 10m long & the video splitter.

You can also view this same thread in go4exper forum.

Hisham Alssadi 


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