Advantages of blogging

It’s not all roses . There are several disadvantages to using a weblog format to publish your content. with Blogger , the primary disadvantage is that the informational tends to get disorganized over time . The main linking system is to archives of previous posts, which are organized in monthly or weekly increments by date. in other words, It doesn’t provide well thought out main navigation categories that lead to subsections on specific topics. Other weblog software, including WordPress, allows you to categorize posts by topic, which is a good organizational aid . A disadvantage people find after starting a blog in a burst of enthusiasm is that a blog requires a time commitment. Once you finish a normal site and get it posted, you don’t have to commit time to updating it frequently the way you do blog.
However the advantages of weblogs are what draw people into using them, so I’ll detail a few of the advantages for you :
Ease of use : You can publish to a weblog using only a browser from any internet-connected device or cell phones with e-mail capability .
Preexisting designs : Most blogging companies provide professionally designed templates to hold your content .
Web practice and experience : As a person interested in HTML an CSS , or if you intended to pursue employment with your XHTML and CSS skills , you may want to include a weblog in your portfolio or resume. In that case , it’s important to show a weblog that successfully created or modified to fit your requirements .
Group participation : A weblog can be under the control of a single individual , or many people can be allowed to post to it . Some weblogs allow your users to comment on your posts, which can lead to some lively discussions.
Fresh an syndicated content : Blogs are updated constantly , often daily . The flip side of the requirement to keep your content fresh is that if your content appeals to people , you will have a steady stream of return visitors .
Incoming links : Blogs on a topic similar to yours link to you . Your friends with blogs link to you . People link to specific posts of particular interest. The number of incoming links you can generate for a blog increases the blog’s popularity and its search engine ranking .
Low cost : A final important advantage is that some weblog companies provide free hosting.


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